Monday, November 10, 2008


The garden gate is closed for the season. Like other years, I had left the fall planting till the last minute, but the 70 new tulip bulbs are in before the snow flies. Making choices at the local garden center was overwhelming as the array of varieties, colours, heights, and blooming times created a dilemma of filling too many bags and being shocked at the check-out counter.
My garden angel was the reminder that
 there was a fall task to do. 

Can't forget the bone meal.

Sometimes it's hard to dig down
 the recommended 6 inches.

Laid to rest ...
naked bulbs buried in the dark, dank, earth
waiting to be covered with a blanket of pure white crystals.
Laid to rest ...
but not without hope
anticipating resurrection in the spectrum of spring's glory.
trudy 2005

Planting is such a humble task, on one's hand and knees, burying a seed or bulb, adding the right fertilizer and then covering it with plain old dirt. But, without following directions I cannot anticipate the fruit of my labour in the next season. Nature gives me so many life lessons and I can't help thinking of the many times God teaches me in his word how to live, using ordinary gardening terms like: plant, water, grow, vines, branches, seeds and weeds, grass, flowers, and harvest.

" In simple humility, let our gardener, God, landscape you with the Word,
 making a salvation-garden of your life."
James 1:21

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