Monday, August 31, 2020


 August, the last summer month according to the calendar is cooling off with chilly evenings. Covid is still amongst us and so we have kept a low profile in our community. If I lived on the west coast I would liken some weeks as 'Fogust' as I was grounded with chronic GI problems, blurring out life beyond the walls of home.  Well, not quite so, as we took five days to camp on beautiful Revelstoke Lake at Martha Creek Provincial Park. Refreshing swims, hours of reading and becoming still to listen and observe nature in this amazing vista viewed from our campsite.


at Revelstoke Lake

The sea-green water rests smooth as glass

exposing rocky shelves sliding down into the deep

Clouds hang as fluffy tufts and vapour mass

An osprey dives, in it’s talons a tasty treat

Pine cones drip with glistening sap

on branches bowed as in silent prayer

The darkening night reveals a terrestrial map

an awesome sight as into infinite depths I stare

      Silence reigns in all that’s fair

The unseen wind begins its magical dance

As water ripples rise to white caps in choreographed glee

Billowing dark clouds expand to fill the skies expanse

The haunting cry of a loon, does it a threat perceive?

A charcoal sky echoes rolls of rumbling thunder

Crack!  Blinding bolts of lightning slice through the night

The heavens explode with splatting tears, gusty wind creates a chilly shudder

 into a cozy shelter I take my flight

    Silence broken one August night

Trudy Peters


We had the pleasure of having long time camping friends join us for two day - camping experiences. The brothers did some great kayaking and the girls read, chatted and enjoyed sweet R&R.

Saturday, August 15, 2020



Arrow Lake lies in a valley in the West Kootenays between the Monashee and Purcell Mountain ranges. It has become a favourite destination repeatedly, and here we were again and I wondered if I could capture something different on my camera. What caught my attention were the wild flowers blooming along the lakeshore and up the little path to our trailer. A perfect camping location once again.

In the morning we read about God's delight for his children and how he sings over us. I asked to hear his melodious voice, and not long after as I sat in silence at the beach I heard the waves lapping on the shore in gentle rhythms and I had my aha moment of hearing God's voice in nature.  Serendipitous moments that made my heart respond in thanks.  



We were so excited to pull into this small park that does not take reservations to find lots of empty sites. 
A couple of years ago we realized how many different BC provincial parks where we had camped, so a goal was set to reach our list of 50 different parks before our 50th Anniversary which is in 2021. 
Shelter Bay on Arrow Lake became that magical haven for one night marking the 50th park.

Wildflowers in abundance along the lakeshore.

A spectacular lake surrounded by mountain ranges in ascending and descending hues of forest green and rocky browns, topped with snow caps, the colours changing from morning till night as they caught the slant of the sun. The lake mirrored the cathedral heights above and beckoned us for a paddle in the rich hues of blues and greens like a painters palette.
We paddled toward the Galena Bay ferry as it crossed the lake, waving our paddles at friends who had just left on that sailing.

Paddling got us up close to the rocky banks of the lake which were carpeted with mosses and lichen.
Dainty flowers appeared in rock crevices, noticed by one with an eye for detail. The Reindeer Moss stood about 4 inches tall in its thick patch of delicate details.

The evening sun setting on the mountains was so rich, and it marked the end of a special day in our camping history. Our hearts were glad as we sat around a campfire till drooping eyes took us in for a cozy night. Shelter Bay will always hold a special memory.



This park is also on Upper Arrow Lake and has the distinctive feature of a fresh water filled lagoon in the campsite which is perfect for swimming. It is circled with a sandy beach in which three of our grandchildren were anxious to dig holes and channels to refill over and over and finally were brave enough to play in the cool water.

Grampa and Miss L on firewood brigade and after splitting it all it was time to wait for it to dry out for a splendid evening campfire.

Snuggles when there was nothing better to do.

A Tiger Lily poses for the camera. A pleasant walk took us us to Sutherland Falls. While I watched this scene the others scampered up to the top of the falls.

The adventure continued with finding tiny specimens in nature.

We were not at fault for the carving in the tree but it was a good place to pose. Great memories camping with daughter Shelley and her family in this park for 3 days thus ending camping in July.

Sunday, June 28, 2020


June opened new opportunities for us to escape the city to Provincial campgrounds
 in the Okanagan Valley ... such a freeing experience.

"Then followed that beautiful season... summer...
Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light.
and the landscape lay as if new created
in all of the freshness of childhood."
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Time to look up into a beautiful arboreal campsite, or down low through a field of clover, to listen to the birds or come up close and personal with a dragonfly. We hiked along the lake and shivered around a campfire visiting with good friends.

Three nights at Okanagan Lake North Provincial to try out our 'new to us' studio suite on wheels. This was one of few sunny moments in what was a wet and cool start to summer camping. 


Moving on to Fintry Provincial Park

Fintry Estate has a history going back to 1909. The Packing house, Manor house and Octagonal barn are some of the original buildings.

I cannot wander along trails without stopping and examining the details of flower blooms. 

A long, steep, winding trail took us high up from the campground to Shorts Creek waterfall.

A surprise early evening visit from our three sons, living out their dreams in their 40's as I always said no motorcycles while they lived under our roof! The 45 minute ride on Westside road is apparently a bikers dream as it is narrow and very curvy. 
Looking straight at their mother are Karl, Ray and Terry


Father's Day weekend at Herald Provincial Park on Shuswap Lake

Herald Park is a family favourite with this not being the first Father's day campout. Margaret Falls is a spectacular feature accessed right from the campsite, but the trail has been closed for a number of years due to a major washout of bridges.  With it being reopened this year we hiked to the waterfall twice and so all my photos seem to focus on that. The lake level was very high with lots of pollen on it but that did not deter the grandkids from swimming, kayaking and fishing. 

Ella was my photography shadow as she pointed out nature details just like I love. A rest stop gave her the opportunity to build a rock figure or inukshuk.

Woven bark on a cedar tree

We camped with two of our children and their families.  

Margaret Falls 

Four sweet granddaughters

On Saturday our campsite grew to 17 for the day with a wiener roast
 and lots of noise and laughter playing 'Heads Up.'
Sorry Dr. Henry if we were sitting a little tight.

What a treat for Wally to be surrounded by his children.
Father's Day 2020