Saturday, November 30, 2019


November had but 30 days with shorter daylight hours and lengthening shadows. It was when frost stole away the autumn flowers, the north wind blew the leaves astray but the maple tree outside my nook window blazed red in it's final glory. 

November saw the the song birds fly away to warmer climes leaving the Flickers and Quail to call their families together in our backyard to call out with their unique voices. The quail became markedly chubby as they fluffed up their feathers to brace for the cold

"I cannot endure to waste anything so precious
 as autumnal sunshine by staying in the house."
Nathaniel Hawthorn

The oak trees had a harder time letting go of their leaves all burnished in the sunshine.

Pyracanthra berries brighten a short cut through an empty lot.

Looking up at a London Plane Tree on my street.

A very 'pedestrian' but glorious sunset photo captured from an upstairs window.

And so quickly the month was over.

Thursday, October 31, 2019



Autumn leaves of stunning colours in tranquility lay

carpeting the earth with beauty one sunny day.

Abruptly! A call for the wind came forth

blowing fiercely and cold from the far-away North.

The leaves stood to attention on trembling stems in the grass

while some shivered and snuggled hoping all this would pass.

Alas, in a fury the wind began seething

lifting leaves to the sky,  joining those assaulted to leaving

their homes in the trees, a commotion, a dither

as they arose in a whirlwind flying hither and thither.

Flung against hedgerows, houses, and out unlatched gates 

where they frantically rushed down the streets oblivious to possible fates.

Smacked against windshields, crushed red beneath wheels

as flashes of colour zoomed past with horrid mute squeals.

Was it all meant as a fine day of autumnal play

or a mid season war as the sky turned angry and gray,

with attacking rain and hail adding chaos to storm,

leaving the sky in a state of unusual form?

In time the wind whipped black rain clouds away,

 A calm fell so softly on the leaves in unruly array,

 while the sun crept forth bravely caressing foliar disruption destined to decay

On just one day in October of Autumn’s mind-blowing display.

Trudy Peters

Thanksgiving Potluck Lunch

Grateful for a WONDERFUL family.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019


View from our campsite #60

Straight down from the campsite Upper Arrow Lake to the left and right

Private beach

Looking back from the kayak

 Paddling around the large sand dune two-thirds way across the lake

Water Flower

A late afternoon drive to soak in Nakusp Hot Springs and a hike over the Kuskanex Creek footbridge, up a rough trail to the source of the hot mineral water.

Named it a Hobbit forest.

Devils club

Plate fungus

Fingers dip into very hot water

Kuskanex Creek