Friday, January 22, 2021


 January has so far been a reasonably mild winter month. We like to walk in our nearby Mission Creek Park and in our neighbourhood, but have also enjoyed walks through our two city bird sanctuaries along Okanagan Lake.   

The beauty of bright colour in the other seasons is lost to muted tones in winter which contrast with the changing shades of sky and water. I still take my camera to catch moments that give me pleasure. 


                                                Muskrat nibbling a fresh green reed

                                                              Bubbles in the pond

An upside down world

                                                MAUDE ROXBY BIRD SANCTUARY

At the beach next to the marsh, these seagulls had not received 
the memo re social distancing!

Monday, January 18, 2021




A mourning dove softly coos a song of lament

a chilly wind soughs through bending trees

our weary world in sorrow sighs

a silent virus knows no boundaries, does not ask consent.

Amidst anxiety, fear, illness, death

a loneliness sets in, pain wraps like a thick grey cloud

beyond one’s walls darkness in the world prevails

with lies and strife, hatred, crime and cries of myth.

When will this end, we cannot know

we wait, we pray, we wait some more

hope ebbs and flows as vaccines are made, begin to roll

through halls of aged ones, and those who gentle care bestow.

What can I do while in my home I wait

but lift aloft in prayer the sadness that we share, with God

who cares, who comforts, who also grieves,

the One who knows the final state.

My prayers for ears to hear a Saviour’s call

to humbleness, repentance, then he will hear

from heaven, our world to heal, to end the strife, 

in His new land, eternal life, prepared for one and all.

Listen for the trills of springtime’s birdsong

melodies of hope, for moments of joy and peace

a tune of consolation, of grief released,

of wrongs made right, of walls torn down.

We wait, we hope, we pray.

Trudy Peters



Sunday, January 17, 2021


 At the beginning of a new year I wait expectantly for a special word to focus on. Through my Advent devotionals which were inspired by the script from Handel's Messiah, I kept being confronted with the word, Behold!  It took me some weeks to realize that 'Behold' was the word, and I wondered how I would experience it.

In the Bible, 'Behold' becomes an introductory word to some spectacular moments of God's story.

There is a sense of quality to this word. The dictionary gave me help with the meaning: to see and observe carefully something, especially of remarkable or impressive nature or to appreciate, recognize and discern.

It sounded to me that the word Behold would draw my attention in a multisensory experience, engaging my body, mind and spirit.

I have always had an eye for detail which my thousands of photos would attest to. I love to gaze deep into the center of a flower, to watch mesmerizing waves, to capture the tiniest specimens of nature, and the list could go on and on. It takes all of me to appreciate these moments and then turn my attention to God with praise and thanks for His creation.

I want to go through my days with open eyes and ears to Behold - to see, hear, feel, taste, to process mentally and spiritually, to hold the moments, pay attention, learn, and take delight in what God draws my attention to.

I am claiming this promise spoken by Jesus Christ in Matthew 28:30, 

"Behold, I am with you always."

Sunset at Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail, National Park, Montana USA
Photo by Trudy Peters