Monday, November 3, 2008



The event’s been spectacular, admission was free

available to all who took time to see 

the Fall Fashion Parade.

Over hill and through dale,

along freeways, boulevards, back alleys and lanes

  models stood proud.

The Master Creator excelled once again,

unmatched by designers of New York’s domain,

unbiased toward colours, shapes, gender or size

intricately planned.

From pear shaped, round apple, to slender and tall,

some stocky, some spindly, some stately, some small

complementing each other.

In a palette of warm yellows, rich reds, orange and browns

splashed with bright pinks, white berries and seed pods like crowns

 accessories held close.

They fluttered and bowed as the breeze sighed with awe,

till stiff gusts of November shook their gowns to the ground

leaving limbs naked and bare in the late autumn's chill 

 all became still.


The crowds drop their gaze to Earth’s littered floor.

Hark! a bell, could there be more?

evergreens laden with baubles and lights 

 waiting to take center stage.   


 by Trudy









Anonymous said...

I just love your photos and poetry. sf

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I figured out how to respond..... sf