Friday, October 2, 2009


Windows fascinate me, and I'm not talking about a computer operating system! We all have 'windows of opportunity,' and I missed a great one yesterday as on our walk I saw a cat basking in the late afternoon sun, high up in an open barn window, her raccoon tail swinging gently below the sill. How I wished I had my camera as it would have been a superb photo for this blog. I even made a rushed return to that spot with the car, but what made me think she would be waiting for the photo shoot? So, why do windows, the kind that are openings in buildings, capture my attention? Windows obviously let in light which allow me to feel the warmth and see the brightness of the sun to illuminate my surroundings in natural ambiance. Windows intrigue me as they stimulate my imagination to go beyond the frames to the possibilities of the world on the other side of the panes. I have the most amazing pastoral vista with a mountain backdrop from the windows of my house - year round beauty that makes my heart glad. Of course there is always the flip side that someone could be looking in at my world! Here are a few windows I captured over the summer months.

In the door of an old church.

Simplicity of the cross.

A little lace left hanging in the windows of an abandoned house.

Window with a story.
The cross is reflected from the church roof across the street.

Lighting the way.

Light and shadows in a tunnel.

A window into the past.

My dear friend in her antique window.

I couldn't resist adding this photo from 2004 - our daughter leaving a little Sask. town. Who would have known that 5 years later her little daughter would be peering out of the window of their first house, to explore the world in this same little Sask. town.

Open up the windows to the world.

" Beauty is like the illusion of an open window;
a glimpse into a future full of
wonder, hope, and dreams."
Cyndi E. Krueger

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Shelley said...

Great collection! Pretty, old windows and doors and gates always make me think of you.

And yes ... who could have known?