Monday, April 19, 2010


Just a short drive past the Tulip Festival we came to our destination - Harrison Hot Springs.

We celebrated our 39th wedding anniversary.
It's love forever!

The Harrison Hot Springs Resort

A view from our room - Mount Cheam

Looking at the resort from a trail along Harrison Lake. The original mineral bath house still stands along this trail but is not in use. The water was 145 F and smelled like sulphur.

We loved the 'adult only' mineral pool, one of the 5 pools in the resort. Everyone in the resort came to the pool in nice white robes. My husband felt like he was in some kind of sanatorium!

Afternoon 'Red Rose' tea and cookies are served daily at The Harrison. A nice relaxing time to challenge each other at our favourite game.

Some of the blooms around the resort.

Harrison Lake framed by Mount Breakenridge.
A beautiful place that we highly recommend.

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missy said...

Happy Anniversary!! It's very special to share an anniversary with you! We went to Penticton this year, just for one night, and visited some wineries - although nothing was in bloom and it looked very much like the desert it is! Congratulations on 39 years!