Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The roads on the west coast of Vancouver Island are narrow and curvy with dips and doodles to make one's stomach queasy. Occasionally one glimpses a view of the ocean but for the most part it is a drive past miles of thick forest bracketed on either end by eclectic fishing villages. Thousands of international tourists peruse the gift shops and savour gourmet seafood dinners. Having visited the area before it was fun to explore some new nooks and crannies and to dine at a roadside Fish & Chip stand.

Ucluelet marina

A wreckage in Ucluelet

At Tofino's Botanical Garden we came across numerous driftwood creatures. I think I'll get my my grandchildren to name them.

A copper cougar prowls in the forested garden.

Tofino's icon - the surfer's van replanted inland.

The Drifters

I love trees growing on trees

Devils Club

Definitely an eclectic garden with a bargain deal - entry fee is good for three days without a receipt or stamp - go figure!

The Evian has been beached across
from Frog Island for a long time.

A lovely park to call home for 5 nights.

At the west coast they have a 'fog bank clause' which allows campfires when the rest of the province had a campfire ban. The fog swirled into our campsite, the ambiance was created and supper prepared by my honey as I rested my broken wing.

Promenade along Naniamo's harbour

Nostalgia in Naniamo

Sunset in Saanich.

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Shelley said...

Great pictures! What a crazy little garden you found!

I particularly like the boat you found in Ucluelet - my besty Katie's little girl is named Evelyn May!

Love you!