Monday, October 4, 2010


Fruit of the Vines
We live in a valley dotted with wineries along the hillsides. Our garden boasts a little arbour with three varieties of grapes, one of which we use for juicing. We were waiting for the autumn chill to give them their last burst of sweetness, when to our surprise they were harvested one night last week by Mr. Black Bear who had a feast and left all the evidence in large piles and dribbles of scat on our lawn. We gleaned enough grapes that had been out of his reach for about 2 liters of juice and a bowl full of little blue table grapes. Sigh :(

On Saturday we we were invited to the last of the summer, Art in the Vineyards Shows featuring Okanagan artists at Little Straw Vineyards. We enjoyed viewing beautiful local art, savoured complimentary tapas and of course sampled wine made at this family estate winery.

My friend Marlene McPherson with her newest painting.
I had the privilege of taking a drawing course from Marlene last fall. More of her art can be seen on her web site which is on my blog side bar.

It was a gorgeous fall day so we had packed a picnic supper and our books which we enjoyed at the beach. A far as I'm concerned, these warm, sunny autumn days could last forever.

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