Monday, November 1, 2010


Our oldest son caught this vista from my kitchen window on Saturday. Each week the colours change and before we know it we will be into sepia season. With a huge wind storm last night many leaves were hurtled to the ground and so each day I look out to soak in the autumn colours while they last.

From our back door we go across the road to this natural grassland and then over the hill into a forested gully which is home to a lovely creek with waterfalls and wooden bridges. Three little grandsons were out exploring this familiar place where the trail has numerous rabbit trails for adventurous boys to climb and slide while Gramma plodded steadily along the marked path.

Water has magnetic powers and it was all I could do to keep little one from wading in with his cracked boots. So attentions were diverted with stones to throw and make delightful splashes.

On returning home through the field we kept our eyes peeled for the Blue Bear, a timid, cautious and quite harmless variety of new bears.
I'm glad we have this 'wild' space around us where our boys played when they were young and now they take their children into the forest with tales of their adventures with trail bikes and fishing poles.

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Shell said...

It is an amazing place, and I miss your vista with all it's season's changes. It'll always be 'Home'.