Monday, June 13, 2011


When it comes to the Stanley cup finals it definitely is an event that becomes more exciting when you share the evening with family or friends. Everyone has their own level of attention and intensity in the game and when packaged together in a family room in front of the big screen it becomes entertainment that  colours beyond the picture border.
For an eight year old grandson who has a passion for LEGO the game became his own creation.
The Boston Bruins vs the Vancouver Canucks with the coveted Stanley Cup up for grabs in just two nights. Can't you see just see the tension between these teams facing off for the BIG win?

Some fans were quite laid back and  lost heart to cheer on their losing team as the game proceeded.

Entertainment on Hockey Night in Canada for a five year old granddaughter was just creativity all evening - crayons, scissors and lots of scotch tape with a story that had a "Happy Ever After" ending!
And Gramma was just content to keep the fans fed and watered, and smiled at the happy dynamics of family life. 

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