Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Another lovely B&B, The Colonel's In, dating to 1896. We are being spoiled with gourmet breakfasts around dining tables set with the finest china, surrounded with lively conversations with other guests and very hospitable hosts.

Fredricton as seen from the B&B across the SaInt John River. Walked a .6 Km footbridge across the river to the Garrison District where we saw the changing of the guard. We would not usually choose to go to an art gallery but on recommendation went to the Beaverbrook Gallery. It was built by British/Canadian press baron, Lord Beaverbrook as a gift to the province of NB to house his personal collection of art. We were both quite awed by the massive pieces that date as far back as the 15th century. The value must be astronomical!

Went to King's Landing, a historical settlement representing the life of the Loyalists from 1790 - 1910. The buildings are original but were moved from their locations along the Saint John River to create this living museum. In each home actors played the part of the original owners. The sweet little gramma in the last photo gave me such an adorable description of her flower garden. As I sat beside her she wove a tale which incorporated all the flowers that have the names referring to love.

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heidi said...

these are the best pictures Trudy! I love them all. Look like you are having a wonderful time, so glad for you and Wally.