Sunday, August 21, 2011


Our B&B hosts were not going to let us get away from their fine town too quickly. Saturday was Farmers Market so as good tourists we browsed the stalls filled with fresh produce and crafts. We left with a few fresh, summer Bauch apples and 2 French pastries. Another event that day was "Paint The Town" It was fun to see artists in many different places painting as many pieces as they could. These were picked up by couriers on foot or bicycle and put into pizza boxes, delivered to an arena and hung to be auctioned later in the day.

A little side trip into Bear River with it's 'hippy' artisans, and then off to Digby where we took a three hour sail on the Princess of Acadia. It wasn't long after departure that the fog rolled in thick as pea soup. On docking at Saint John the fog completely blanketed the city so we didn't even get a passerby overview.

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