Thursday, September 1, 2011


The Cabot Trail is one of North America's most scenic highways. Not for anyone with a queasy constitution, it gives one a roller coaster ride over the Cape Breton Highlands. Stopping at the Clucking Chicken Bakery I bought some oat cakes which I thought would be appropriate for this Scottish neck of the woods. The approximately 300 Km of snaking highway took us from river valleys to mountain tops, from sandy beaches lined with cobblestone stones to rugged, rocky cliffs carved and formed in the ice age, to a sand dune beach which may have been the site where the explorer John Cabot landed his ship 'The Matthew' in 1497. Photos can hardly do justice to the scenic wonderland of spectacular vistas.

In Baddeck we visited the Alexander Graham Bell Museum which is a collaboration of his inventive spirit. He is known primarily for his work with the deaf, the inventor of the telephone and his inventions in the aeronautical world. He was a man with a wild imagination and the guts to dabble in all sorts of scientific experiments.

Dove House in North Sydney was our B&B accommodation for the 3 nights on the island. I am composing these three blog posts on our 5 hour ferry ride to Port-aux Basques , Newfoundland. More places to see and explore.

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