Thursday, September 1, 2011


A most significant place in the history of Canada is the Fortress of Louisbourg built in the 18th century to protect France's interest in the new world. After several attacks and sieges it was finally overthrown in 1758 by Great Britain in it's struggle for colonial supremacy in North America. The fortress has been reconstructed to depict life in the 18th century with costumed interpreters bringing the town's residents to life. Archeological digs are still being carried out, unearthing bits and pieces of the original town.

This historical site would be every teacher's dream for a class field trip. I feel privileged to review all this early Canadian history that I must say had slipped from my memory over the years. I think I will reread chapters in the book, 'Canadian History for Dummies' as now the words will have pictures in my mind.

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