Saturday, September 3, 2011


A most amazing day up in Northern Newfoundland. We are staying at Fishing Point B&B in St Anthony's. The house is a typical 1940's fisherman's home sitting on the rocks right beside the ocean. On the shore is a building called a fishing stage where all the clean up work was done after a day at sea. On the breakfast menu were fish cakes, partridge berry pancakes, bakeapple berry jam and moose sausage. Good, hearty fare.
A most amazing surprise for us was that some of the icebergs that flow down from Greenland were still in the waters around here called, 'Iceberg Alley.' Usually they are all gone by mid July but it has been a very late summer here.
So we went on an iceberg hunt, driving from cove to cove, hiking over rocky bluffs and bumbling along a beach in places called Goose Cove, Berhat, St. Carol, and Anthony Bight. Just couldn't get enough of these amazing ice sculptures that may have been formed up to 15 000 years ago. We were so close to some of the smaller ones and at one place a large chunk of ice was so within reach that Wally braved stepping out on some rocks to pick it up and of course we had to lick the purest of waters.


Shelley said...

Looks so cold there!!!


heidi said...

these photos are so cool, I'm so glad you got to see the icebergs, and that Wally was able to taste one, did it taste pure?
loving these blogs, can't wait till you get home and I can hear even more stories!!!!