Saturday, September 10, 2011


Leaving Newfoundland tonight on a 15 hour, rocking and rolling Marine Atlantic's Ship 'Vision', I have time to reflect on the wonderful time we have had on the 'rock'. Gorgeous, diverse scenery. The surprise of late season icebergs. A simple lifestyle, warm hospitality, and endearing Newfie accents.
Walking on pathways to the edge of cliffs to stand in awe of the majestic ocean. Quaint villages balanced on rocky hillsides with colorful houses hugging narrow lanes. Tasting local fare - salt cod cakes, scrunchions, spiced mackerel for breakfast, partridge berry and bakeapple berry treats, and iceberg wine. Walks on rocky beaches and the delight of finding beach glass. And in every cove, lighthouses and churches as beacons of hope.


Anonymous said...

About those rocks... did you take any to bring home with you....smf

Shelley said...

So awesome! I love all the colorful little houses. Just checked your itinerary tonight and am looking forward to seeing more of where you're heading next! LOVE you!