Sunday, October 2, 2011


"The whole object of travel is not to set foot on foreign land; it is at last to set foot on one's own country as a foreign land." G K Chesterton

As I mulled over this quote it reminded me of a conversation we have had in our home over the past few years. Having been to India once and Mexico several times I realized that we live in a vast country, much of which is foreign to us, and it was time to explore the foreign here to make it familiar so as to appreciate the rich history, phenomenal geography, and diverse peoples that make up Canada.

Our six weeks of travel in Eastern Canada came out of the dream to make our 40th wedding anniversary memorable. The trip was fantastic in so many ways as we explored together, learned much and met wonderful people.

We left mid-August, in the heat and humidity of summer and returned home as the season was changing to a cold nip in the morning air. We got just a glimpse of fall colours in Ontario which must be in their glory now.

A little trivia: - we drove over 8000 Km in a rental car.
- visited 6 provinces
- took 5 ferries
- did 3 legs of VIA rail
- stayed in 17 B&B's , 2 hotels, and one sister's home
- took 3 West Jet flights
- toured one city by bus
- got lost numerous times
- visited too many museums ( not really )
- walked our legs off
- still love each other !
After 6 days at home ( a new home that doesn't feel like home yet), I packed my bags again and flew to Saskatchewan to be on Gramma duty.

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Edie said...

Thanks for sharing your travels with us. It was such a pleasure to visit with you in person. You are blessed and a blessing to be able to repack your suitcases and help out at Shelley's.