Tuesday, February 28, 2012


It hangs above my kitchen sink,

bold cursive letters, black as ink.
breathe  -  a most unusual,  strange command

for function I cannot conjure, can't demand.

In Eden, God breathed life into a man

awakened to a pristine world, is how it all began.

Ever since from birth to death

Creator God gives all, the gift of breath.

Infused with air it gives my being

ability to sigh, to laugh, to speak and sing.

to whisper, cry, to gasp or shout,

breath drawn in, with choice how sounds come out.

Inhale fresh scents of springtime flowers,

summer rain, new mown grass, sweet lilies,
 rose filled bowers,

bonfire smoke in autumn sky, musty foliage decay,

 crisp draughts of winter chill, fragrant spicy
  soup, piquant saute.

Most of my days I breathe in silence

sustaining life, oblivious to the Earth's reliance

of exchanging gases, a cyclic order,

maintaining biomes abundance - I'm filled with wonder.

breathe -   this word reminds me every day,

the breath of God fills lungs, drives fear away.

breathe  deep,  be still, let peace and joy abide

in my whole being, breath supplied and satisfied.
Trudy Peters

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Edie said...

Looking forward to seeing you and your new home in May.