Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Just a 20 minute drive from our house is a beautiful park on Okanagan Lake.  Every summer brings camping families to jam pack the park to overflowing capacity. Another clan has also made this place their summer home and unfortunately they have become a messy nuisance and we  have dubbed it Goose Poop Park. Every year we talk about the banquets of roast goose that could be served to feed the hungry, but then that would be a federal violation. So we all share the green space and the shoreline  and wonder who will win. We have dog parks and soon there will be designated Canada Goose parks except geese don't read signs and neither do some dog owners. All in all, in spite of the geese and the rain we had a good time camping with some siblings.

Nap time on the beach

Looking back at our city

A strenuous hike leads to good vistas of a waterfall

I need to learn some wildflower names 

Bitterroot Lily

A shy Mallard Duck

Good times around the campfire.
We made roasted banana boats - slickery sweet!

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