Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Many folks have travelled along the Oregon coast, Highway 101, leisurely winding their way through touristy seaside towns, over architecturally beautiful bridges and into scenic pullouts. They have seen the Oregon coast, but unfortunately have not really experienced it. It takes time to walk the forested trails, the endless beaches, the spiral staircases to the top of a lighthouse. It is exhilerating to climb a sand dune and feel the wind in your face. It takes time to scramble over the rocks amongst the tide pools, to peer into the water and into rock crevices and marvel at the details of  sea life. One has to walk slowly to approach seabirds and smile at their dexterity in the ebb and flow of the ocean waves. The seaweeds and kelp strewn over the shoreline become art forms, the driftwood - carved sculptures. Colourful stones, satiny smooth pebbles, and water-weathered beach glass become treasures to hold, examine, toss aside, or tuck into a pocket as a souvenir. For me there is so much more than the expansive vistas. It is the time taken to stop, to stare, to take a deep breath of misty air and to be awed by the amazing details of the sea. 

Black Oystercatcher

Oysters on the BBQ


Sea Anemones and starfish
Wild dill in the fog

Octopus Tree

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Edie said...

The first driftwood picture reminds me of a Meercat and your sitting on a camel. Awesome pictures and the seaweed is so colorful.