Tuesday, December 25, 2012


We gathered together - all 19 of us for a wonderful weekend at one of our family's favourite places - Gardom Lake Bible Camp. Outside was a magical winter wonderland, and indoors was warm and cozy around a blazing wood fire. The lodge was the perfect accommodation for our boisterous family during the daytime and ten upstairs bedrooms to be tucked in at night.

We brought along a 10 foot tree
and decorated it with old bead garland,
 candy canes and popcorn balls

The cousins exchanged gifts
and the adults played a $10 gift  exchange game

There were crafts to work on


Table tennis

MIni stick hockey

Time to relax while others played table games

Five delicious meals around this huge table

Santa delivered a sack of penguins

The little one was shy

8 grandchildren busy preparing the Nativity set

Ready for the play

Our second little shepherd was sadly upstairs in bed with the flu,
so his big brother handled the sheep on his own  

The cast of the Peters' Nativity Pageant
They made us proud!


klassic1 said...

Love your Christmas Nativity put on by the grands! How special is that...and preparing the set together...what memories! Gardom Lake looks like the place to go!!

klassic1 said...
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