Saturday, December 22, 2012


Excitement has been growing around here over the past month as a colony of penguins has been birthed from my sewing machine and loving hands, almost coming alive as they grew wings, puffy webbed feet and beady eyes to take in their new surroundings. Since they are land penguins they are called a 'waddle', and that they will surely do when they become the possession of little hands that will take them on wild adventures. On this day of their Christmas photo shoot, they cooperated obediently even when it got a little hot by the fireplace, and the great outdoors looked like a welcome reprieve.   

 They can hardly wait to escape the red Santa bag that has kept them hidden away from curious eyes. Tonight, the night of great anticipation will be their introduction to 10 grandchildren who I hope will adopt them with as much joy as they have given me in their creation.

to my wonderful Grandchildren

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