Wednesday, May 15, 2013


There are places in this world where one can return to time and time again and always feel an indescribable comfort. For over 40 years Gardom Lake Bible Camp has been that go to place, surrounded by nature, and friends who share common values and purpose. At first it was as a young married couple camping in a small tent, just a stones throw from the lake, and then with our children who very quickly claimed ownership to this incredible place, coming back as summer campers, counsellors, program director and board members, and now our grandchildren are the campers, and hopefully the cycle continues.
This past week we were once again at the camp, this time helping in the kitchen and grounds maintenance. When our work day was done we took time to enjoy the the beauty of the forest and lake. At sunrise and sundown the lake was calm, ruffled only by feathered friends and several anglers. With my very first BC fishing licence tucked into the tackle box I tried my hand at casting, reeling and casting again. Learning to fish has been on my bucket list and this was the first lesson. 
By the end of the week the dandelions were mowed down, flower pots planted and spring tidying done in preparation for the annual Family Fun Day. Twelve members of our family participated in the walk/run/cycle fundraising event where $26 000 was raised to help children who need financial assistance to attend summer camps. 
I look forward to future visits to this special place, a place where I hear God's whispers in the rustling leaves, the call of the loons, the chorus of frogs at night, and the laughter of happy children at play.

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Bonnie Heather said...

Good for you Trudy. I hope you have better luck than me when fishing. I haven't caught anything in years. I made bread today since the loaf you gave us reminded me how much i missed it. Thanks again dear friend.