Monday, June 24, 2013


Life can be full of adventures if one allows oneself to enter in and participate in activities that stretch ones comfort zone. Set in a breathtaking mountain valley I had the opportunity to put trust into action on a 2200 foot dual zip line that stretches over a portion of the RockRidge Canyon Conference and Retreat Center near Princeton BC. Wally and I looked at each other, said 'I love you', and on the count of three were off our feet, flying above the trees, and over a lake for an exhilarating ride that took less than a minute.
Our purpose at this spectacular piece of Earth was an orientation for a India Missions trip in October. YES, we are going again, I for the second time since 2006 and for Wally this will be his third time.

We are involved with an organization called CHILD OF MINE which provides care and support for two children's homes in the Himachal Pradesh region of North India. 
CHILD OF MINE's mandate is to provide ongoing holistic care for these two homes - food, clothing, education, property upkeep, and staff salaries are just some of the ways we are helping on an ongoing basis.

Shanti Niketan ( house of peace) is located on a site that was once a leper colony, and many of the buildings are old and in disrepair. It is home for about 100 children plus staff.  This year the construction team will be involved in the following work projects:

  • improving the water system
  • finish chapel renovations
  • improve the girls dormitory roof
  • finish laying paving stones in front of the chapel
  • various painting projects
Wally and I will be joining the team in their third week of work and then on our own we will be travelling further north into the Himalayas to meet and become acquainted with the 100 children and staff at Dar-ul-Fazi (House of Grace). Building relationships with these families is more rewarding than all the physical help we can bring them. 

We are not seeking any financial support for our trip but will put out there that the projects for this fall will cost about $40,000 and so if anyone is interested in donating to this cause we will be happy to send more info on how to make a donation. More info regarding this organization can be found at:

So, back to the topic of adventures. We are passionate about CHILD OF MINE and are so excited to be embarking on another India missions trip or should I say, ADVENTURE. 
View from the top of the zip line

An adventure together

ROCKRIDGE  CANYON Conference and Retreat Center
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edie said...

Love your profile pic. Rockridge Canyon looks like a beautiful place. Have fun planning your trip to India.

Shelley said...

You two are so cool.

Esther Martens said...

It was great to talk to you both at A & L's 50th! Your adventure sounds's so good that you can be a part of such a worthwhile ministry. We are planning a trip to Peru this Fall again and feel privileged to be involved in their lives. Esther