Monday, September 16, 2013


An uncommon hush prevailed throughout the forested campsite. Lane after lane in dappled sun and shade rested from the busyness of summer when bicycles, scooters, skateboards, cars and walkers all vied for their recreational space. The beach was dotted sparsely with couples catching the last glorious rays of summer sunshine, occasionally taking their noses from books, stretching and stepping cautiously over the rocks to the waters edge for a dip in the refreshing lake. We enjoyed the peace with each others company, playing our favourite table games, walking, biking, reading and doing crossword puzzles, savouring the  perfect camping breakfast of omelettes made in ziplock bags, bread toasted in a frying pan and percolated coffee, and for old times sake a hard ice cream cone at the camp store as the evening shadows closed in to end a perfect day.

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Edie said...

Your breakfast looks yummy.Beautiful spot to relax.