Sunday, November 24, 2013


The city of Ephesus, one of the most vibrant metropolises of the ancient Greek world dates back 3000 years. Once a port city it now lies 6 Km inland due to the silting in of the river delta over many centuries. We travelled from Kusadasi the port city through a hilly, fertile countryside of citrus, pomegranate, peach and corn crops.
Ephesus was of particular interest to me as it was an important center for early Christianity from AD 50's. The apostle Paul preached here, prompting a riot led by the silversmiths who were crafting icons of the goddess Artemis. The church at Ephesus is referred to in the book of Revelation as a strong church, but one that had lost it's first love of following Jesus. I must say I had a sense of awe to walk down the streets, touch the walls and pillars, and stand at the amphitheater where this early church lived out their faith amidst a heathen culture.

 State Agora, a political and religious meeting place

The Great Theater
Great story about the apostle Paul in Acts 19

Temple of Hadrian

Gate of Augustus leads into the
 commercial agora or shopping area

Curetes Street, a main street of monuments,
 fountains, shops, and houses of the rich.

Celsius Library, a three story structure that once held 12,000 scrolls

Arete, the statue of Virtue,
 one of three statues of women on the Celsius library

Sofia the statue of wisdom

Temple of Domitian,
 the first structure in Ephesus
 known to be dedicated to an emperor

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Edie said...

How did they build this city way back when? The carvings on the buildings are amazing. Why did the city crumble?