Thursday, November 14, 2013


BUON GIARNO from The Cinque Terre, five hamlets nestled on the rugged hillsides on the west coast of the Italian Riviera. We followed the coastline by bus from the port of Liverno until the road ran out, and then we walked, took two boat rides and rode the train to spend a full day exploring these amazing, quaint, and colourful villages. For centuries the people of Cinque Terra have built terraced vineyards and gardens on the steep landscape. Absolutely beautiful and again not enough time to sit and watch their world.

They park their boats  along the street,
 ready to trolley down to the sea.

This boisterous Italian restaurant owner welcomed us to taste and savour his homemade specialties, matched with a nice white wine. 

Wally enjoying a complimentary wine and brushetta 

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