Saturday, November 9, 2013


BUENAS NOCHES or goodnight in Spanish. It has been a wonderful week in Madrid with our friends the Garcias as they shared their ministry, toured us around, and offered gracious hospitality around their table. We will leave on the fast train to Barcelona in the morning but before I leave Madrid let me share some of the culinary delights we experienced. Did I mention that we stayed in a little apartment, part of the Betel Mission and the fridge and pantry were stocked with breakfast foods and more. It was fun to read Spanish labels like 'harina de avena' and figure out that it was oatmeal for porridge which certainly made the guys happy. When it came to dining out, Jose made sure we really got a taste of the local fare and experience. Restaurants usually had photos on the menu and sometimes English translation, and I being adventuresome was ready for new tastes like Tosta De Gulas pictured below.

Spanish folk sure like meat on their plates, like a slab of mutton or beef without any vegetables. Jamon or ham is a trademark of Spanish cuisine and we saw these whole hams hanging by the hundreds in shops and restaurants. Thins slices of fatty ham in a fresh crusty baguette was delicious.

On an earlier postcard I mentioned the many, delicious fresh figs we stole from trees in the village of Patones. 

Sweet Macaroon cookie sandwiches with a variety of fillings 

Tosta De Gulas or baby eels on toast. We thoroughly enjoyed a very busy, outdoor tapas restaurant where for each drink purchased we got a free tapas like the eels on toast or tortilla which is an omelette, ham on melon, and the list went on and on. Jose was delighted to treat us to several rounds of these inexpensive treats.

Piel de Sapo which translates into toad skin melon were a delicious treat.

Our last afternoon at the Garcias was a relaxing time of visiting and nibbling on crusty rolls and ham as Jose prepared his signature Paella dish which was for me a fascinating cooking show. The octopus was the appetizer, chopped and seasoned with garlic, paprika and lots of olive oil - yummy! The Paella was a labour of love as Jose had already cooked the fish head stock the previous day and now was chopping, sauteing, and ever so carefully layering and slowly cooking in a huge paella wok on a briquette BBQ. The paella was loaded with onions, garlic, shrimp, clams, mussels, white fish, squid, crab, pork, chicken. rice, peppers and peas. It was a gourmet dish and most delicious. Thanks Jose.

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Now that is an amazing Paella. So full of yummy treats.