Saturday, November 30, 2013


When we were planning our cruise and noting how far we were travelling from home it became clear to both of us that adding India as another leg to our journey would be a given. It was seven years ago that we went with the first construction team from our church to a children's home in northern India, followed by another time three years ago for Wally. I always wanted to go back and here was my opportunity and I can say it was again an amazing experience. Now travelling in India is an experience all of it's own whether by taxi in the crazy traffic which Wally calls 'motor ballet', riding the rails on a train infested with very skittery bugs, holding one's breath along a narrow mountain road, or walking on dusty manure splatted village trails. Photos never give one the complete experience as I can't post the sounds and smells unique to India. So here we go!

 Walking through the Kulu valley in northern India with our friends Paul and Sue East, British folk who have lived and worked in India for many decades.

A little congestion on a village path with a mule, and many a traffic snarl around the 'holy'cows.

Before we left the north to fly back to Delhi  we went on an adventure with the Easts which was a 2 hour drive up through the Rohtang Pass to and elevation of 13000 feet in one of the smaller ranges of the Himalayas.

A tourist rest stop at 1300o feet.  It was bitterly cold

The glorious vista into the Himalayas made this crazy adventure totally worthwhile.

Stay tuned for more India chronicles 

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