Monday, March 3, 2014


"Believe that there is a light at the end of a tunnel.
Believe that you might be that light for someone else."
Kobi Yamada

The past six weeks have been a long journey navigating the role of giving full time care to tw0 sweet granddaughters. We played hard, laughed and cried, and loved deeply in our best attempt to create a normal rhythm of daily routines. The tunnel of this experience was overshadowed with illness in which I battled the worst sinus cold ever and at times the light seemed so far in the distance as weariness overcame my body, but as the quote says, I had to believe that I was being light for these girls as they needed comfort and reassurance as they missed their parents. I trust that the bond formed over this time will pay off in the dividends of special memories that will keep our relationship strong and sweet for many years to come.

I bought myself a bouquet of pink posies this week to remind myself that all of this journey has been worth every minute as we prayed and trusted for the full development of tiny Lauren in a NICU hours away. We are excited that she will soon be transferred to our local hospital. 

We know that it is the many prayers of family and friends that has been the light for us, which in turn gave us strength to encourage our daughter and husband, and for that we give thanks. 


Bonnie Heather said...

Dear Trudy. even though I haven't been looking at your blog lately I have been praying regularly for your granddaughter. Now I will add you too. I hope you feel well soon. I wish I could help. Hugs from me.

Edie said...

Believe for it is truth.