Saturday, May 24, 2014


To kick off the 2014 camping season we chose this beautiful park on the Salmon arm of Shuswap Lake. Having done my homework, the site we had chosen was picture perfect and just steps from the lake where we could tie up our kayaks. Paddling on this mirror was so relaxing and magical as I dipped my paddle into the clouds. 

The library cupboard in the trailer held some great reads and the scrabble game came out every lunchtime, a most enjoyable camping tradition. A perfect spot for some R&R.

We took leisurely strolls beside the lake and the trail along Reinecker Creek that led to Margaret Falls, an impressive roar of water in the heavy spring watershed.

This park is part of a homestead owned from 1905 by Dr. Dundas and Edith Herald. Next to the forest of mostly cedars and fir trees are some apple and cherry trees, the remnants of the farm. We loved the blossoms and the summer campers will be reaching for the fruit. 

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edie said...

Beautiful serene setting for a getaway.