Wednesday, August 27, 2014


It seems like I am doing a promotional by writing about another beautiful British Columbia provincial park. We are so privileged to have many of these parks so close to home and yet we love to leave the comforts of home to spend time camping in our Komfort 5th Wheel trailer to get close to nature. Mabel Lake with its sandy shoreline backed by a lush, cool forest felt almost like a rain forest in contrast to our semi arid climate at home only 1 1/2 hours away.

DAY 1 - Dawn broke softly, and in it sunshine streamed through hemlock and cedar branches casting a golden patchwork on the mossy forest floor.

DAY 2 - Dawn broke with a thunderous roar that rolled through the campsite like a train of tanker cars spilling a torrent of water.

DAY 3 - Long before dawn in pitch darkness, celestial cannons roared accompanied by crashing strobes of lightning, a war that tore apart the heavens sending down a deluge of water not unlike a waterfall.
Dawn broke softly once again, the trees weeping, the forest heaving with steam, sunlight comforting like a cozy blanket.

DAY 4 - Dawn broke and it was good!

Checking out some lakeside Real Estate

A walk through the forest after the rain and focusing on fungi

A macro shot of moss spores

Berries and lichen

Grandsons camouflaged against Cascade Falls

The stones give the river its song

At the entrance to the Mystic Forest trail, the trees are decorated with shoes and caps. Wally was persuaded to leave a very old cap from the island of Kauai. 

Just a sampling of creations in the Mystic Forest

The stream from Cascade Falls emptying into Mabel Lake

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