Saturday, August 2, 2014


While on the subject of birds and especially the quintessential early bird, I will share an amusing photo shoot that entertained me while my hubby was out being entertained by a different breed altogether, the Canadian Snowbirds who were doing a show over Okanagan Lake. 

It was only a few weeks ago that the baby robins were pushed from the nest and encouraged to spread their wings. From a little research I learned that the father feeds his young for two weeks after they leave the nest and then it appears that tough love sets in as this fluffy chick had to fend for himself.
He waited so patiently for that fly by meal, little beak hanging open in all directions. It was almost as though he had been told to sit tight and wait, and that he did until grumpiness and boredom set in.

 I think he could hear my camera shutter beeping as he kept cocking his head and looking at me as though I might have an answer to his dilemma. 

Maybe a little camera shy, or vain, he did his best to  spruce up those downy feathers.
As time ticked by, at least a half hour past his expected supper hour he lost hope and hopped off into the garden to peck for some insects. 

This could become lonely, so time to move on and find a mate.


edie said...

Just missing the chirps and cheeps. Does the Robin know it is getting so much attention.

Trudy said...

Edie, there were no chirps. Not a peep through the whole photo shoot.