Tuesday, September 16, 2014


It must have been the chill in the September evenings that inspired me to get creative in the kitchen with two new recipes that highlighted some deliciously sweet fall fruit. Seeing the results of a few jars of preserves on my counter was satisfying even when I thought back to the hundreds of jars of fruit, vegetables, jams and pickles that used to line the shelves in the basement cold room, a bounty to feed a hungry family. There wasn't time for kitchen photography in those days, neither were there cooking blogs to peruse and to inspire me to cook beyond simple, comfort foods. Both the Spicy Plum Chutney and Cranberry-Pear Preserve were enhanced with fresh ginger and crystallized ginger to combine sugar and spice into delectable treats for toast and meats. 



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Anonymous said...

I very much love and feel blessed knowing that our Oma's legacy lives on in so many of her descendants. If she only knew :)