Saturday, March 7, 2015


March comes in as though it is playing tug-o-war with winter and spring, warm sunny days versus frosty nights, and with that pull we are drawn with hope into this emerging season. The snow and ice have melted from our favourite trails in the forest giving us reprieve from noisy, dusty streets to a place of solitude between the big creek and the spawning channel, both gurgling happily in their newly acquired thaw. After several frosty nights I was intrigued by newly frozen ice formations, like leaf sculptures along the creek bank which literally disappeared after two warm days. And now I wait for little signs of green buds which over time will magically transform this dormant forest with new life and beauty.


Catherine said...

what a beautiful juxtaposition of ice and tulips

edie said...

Captured for a moment in time.Beautiful

Shelley said...

The 'splashing ice' is amazing! Beautiful captures!