Sunday, June 21, 2015


The first day of summer was filled with sunshine, a refreshing breeze, the joy of family and the celebration of Fathers. So many blessings to count, memories to treasure and new ones to make as I rallied the family for an impromptu mid afternoon chocolate cake, ice cream and strawberry social. Our clan is big, so to have 16 out of 20 spill into our little back yard with chatter and laughter was a most delightful occasion. Happy Father's Day to the 5 great dad's in our immediate family. 

Little Miss Lauren Rosie, the baby of our family agrees it was a very good day.


edie said...

Love your garden. I can see the perfect spot on the red chair to sit and read or reflect. Perfect location to enjoy an afternoon of family fun.

Shirlee said...

Trudy, a lovely day with more memories for all of you and your garden looks lovely , as it always has!