Tuesday, September 22, 2015


The jagged peaks and deep canyons of the Grand Teton Range rise abruptly from the Jackson Hole Valley, unique in their formation as there are no foothills to obstruct the magnificent view.
The tallest peak, Grand Teton itself rises up 13770 feet.
To get up close and personal to these rugged castles in the sky we took a narrated boat cruise on Jackson Lake which gave us so many details to ponder on. The breakfast cruise took us to Elk Island where a campfire was waiting to warm us in the early morning chill. A wrangler had our steaming cowboy coffee ready for us and a scrumptious buffet laid out in a canoe and giant griddle.
How much better does it get than fresh grilled lake trout, hash browns, eggs, pancakes, grits, bacon, sausage, fresh biscuits, bagels, fruit and yogurt. The boat was definitely heavier on the return trip.
Fun to visit with other travellers at a picnic site in a sage meadow with the grand Tetons as our vista.

Nestled beside the glacier on Mount Moran lies the wreckage of a DC - 3  plane that crashed in a snowstorm there in 1950 killing all 21 passengers who were workers with New Tribes Mission en-route across America to conduct missions rallies.  In honor of those who lost their lives the Park discourages hiking to the site.

Grand Teton peak at 13 770 feet

In the late 1800's an area called Antelope Flats was homesteaded by 27 Mormon families. The historic buildings draw many a photographer to capture their rustic beauty in such a spectacular setting.

The one and only MR MOOSE we saw on our travels

Sharing our campsite at Colter Bay.

The Snake River begins it's 1000 mile journey from Jackson Lake to the Columbia River and on to the Pacific Ocean.

Antler Arbor


scrapbyrd said...

Auntie Trudy - Your posts are FANTASTIC! I have so enjoyed them. Your photos and details are amazing! I am so glad you are enjoying the parks. Its one of our family's favorites - touring the national parks.

scrapbyrd said...

We toured Yellowstone on our way back from the 2009 family reunion. Banff is on our list of parks to see.