Monday, December 1, 2008


My favourite season has arrived  -  ADVENT
For me it is a time to reflect on and celebrate the incredible facts that
Christ Came
Christ Comes to us Today
Christ is Coming Again
To do this I spend time reading old and new Advent reflections, poetry, and the Bible. About six years ago I started a journal/scrapbook which delights me over and over again. It is my intent to leave it as a legacy of my faith journey through these seasons of anticipation and wonderment. 
Every year I start with one of my favourite prayers by Joyce Huggett and from there the options become endless and exciting as I glean inspiration for my soul.

"Still at least, dear Lord,
I come to you,
Weary from the busyness of a thousand things which
clamour for attention
But longing to feel your touch afresh 
This Christmastime.
Kindle in me
A love for you
which finds time for you
which responds to you
which yearns for your return.
Cause my heart to leap for joy
As I anticipate the great fact of the future -
Your re-entry to earth.
Pour into me the certainty that believes 
That all life is to be lived under the shadow
Of that miraculous return,
The courage to live life your way
And the resilience to hold on to that hope
When times are hard
Or my body tired.
Bring me to Christmas Day
 Not irritated by the commercialization with which 
it is surrounded
But rather, rejoicing in the message of the angels
to me
is born
My Saviour

Advent dawns - again I wait
for Emmanuel, God with us - with me.
'Morning by morning 
I lay out the pieces of my life on your altar
and watch for fire to descend.' Psalm 5:3
Igniting Hope
Fanning my candle of faith
Your spirit in me
an illuminated window
Will anyone look in and see The Light?
Trudy 2008

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