Saturday, January 31, 2009


"Oh, how sweet the light of day,
and how wonderful to live in the sunshine."
Ecclesiastes 11:7 

What a wonderful surprise we've had this week. The fog lifted, and glorious sunshine and blue sky broke through the clouds to lift my spirits after these long weeks of January gloominess.

An afternoon drive north in our valley to behold one of the acclaimed, most beautiful lakes in the world, its summer's turquoise hue hidden below a skim of ice. 

A sunny Gerbera Daisy to brighten my kitchen on my birthday.The Pussy Willows excited me - spring is on it's way.

"What more pleasant sensation than sunshine on skin, 
Spirit and flesh drinking in the light of God
and energy itself." 
Emma Woodhull-Bache

I spent an hour curled up on my bed this morning, soaking in the deliciously, warm, streams of sunlight. Through my closed eyelids the light filtered marvelous shades of pink, yellow, and red to my mind's eye. What a blissful place to be enjoying the goodness of God and praying for another kind of breakthrough of his healing touch on infection that has played havoc in my body for the last three weeks. Thank you God for creating minds that have discovered antibiotics.

Blue sky and sunshine make it a sweet way to say goodbye to January. A week from today I will be basking in the same sunshine along a Caribbean shore. Ah!!  My heart is glad!

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