Thursday, January 8, 2009


The beginning of the week started out pretty gray and bleak as heavy snow shrouded our lovely view and made travel precarious once again.
This is the time of year after we've had our 'White Christmas' and the festivities have unraveled, that we who live in the northern hemisphere long for some sunshine and warmth. 

This morning the airport lights seemed to wink at me, making dreams of white sand and blue seas so close and yet so far away. 

Some of our friends are heading south of the '49 th' in their RV's, but from the looks of our yard,
 this baby isn't moving anywhere soon.

       I've taken up cycling 13 Km twice a day but I'm not getting anywhere!

        So, I checked out our own flight possibilities but ...

         Our planes are hung up for repairs..

  and even grounded!

         The only hope for some sun was offered by Transat Holidays,
     and they say I need to wait a month and then ....

By late afternoon the sun peeked out behind these awesome clouds, which parted to give me a glimpse of 
 a BLUE January sky 

   The day is coming to an end .... my heart is glad.

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Heather o said...

I love reading your blog Trudy, especially looking at your pictures. You are doing an awesome job.