Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Changes do not happen easily at our home. Deliberations are always long and hard with the pros and cons weighed this way and that. Unfortunately after 21 years in the same place there are forced changes needed in our yard due to harsh winters, insects or just plain overcrowding. Well, all of the above were the demise of our Hawthorn tree this week, which has been such a beauty over many years. 

Ten years ago

Once started, we were committed, and it resulted in a lot of hard work and 3 trips to the local landfill site. 

We now have several years worth of neatly stacked firewood for  camping trips or  wiener roasts in the back yard. Some folks go to great lengths to avoid buying firewood at our Provincial Parks!! 

As the tree came down under the scream of the chain saw, one of our resident robins tried his best to save the tree by perching on a last branch. Evicted to the Maple tree it stared with perplexity and sadness at the open space that used to be such a perfect nesting place or a mandatory rest stop.

The tree was also a favourite for the hummingbirds, and I hope we can provide a new attraction for them.

I'll miss these delicate rosettes, but on the other hand we now have a new, fresh outlook from our sun deck and the Maple tree will be able to stretch it's limbs into this wide, airy space.

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