Monday, May 18, 2009


It's May Day, and look what's abloom in my garden. Just two weeks ago I posted photos of all the greens around me and now they are accented with this beautiful spectrum of spring's glory. 

Bleeding Hearts

Tiny, delicate Barberry blossoms

Ponderosa Pine flower

Forget-me-nots  blooming everywhere

This daring Dandelion trying to outshine the Forget-me-nots

Fuschias in my Mother's Day planter

Dainty, fragrant Sand Cherry blossoms

 A bold Bergenia

Stately stems gracing the walkway

'Angelique' - my favourite tulip

This beautiful, multiple tulip is very privileged to have been added to this perennial bed that for seven years has only featured pink, white and blue blooms.

And look who else loves flowers.
Miss A. posing with 'Abigail', 'Angelique', 'Antionette',
'Christmas Marvel', and 'Purple Prince'

It's lilac time!

" See the winter is past;
 the rains are over and gone. 
Flowers appear on the earth;
 the season of singing has come."
Song of Solomon 2: 11-12

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Anonymous said...

Trudy.. thank you for your beautiful posting...I am so inspired by your pink angelique tulips.. a little secret ..... they are my FAVOURITE tulips which I first saw on a trip to LaConnor many years ago. They are in my photo album! I was working in my garden today almost all day and then I had a long warm bath.........Guess what I found.. .. my calla lilies which i thought had frozen this winter ...... I am so happy about that and very thankful since they are original tubers from Dave's mother's garden. love....sf