Sunday, May 10, 2009


" If I had a single flower for every time I think about you,
 I would walk forever in my garden."
Claudia Ghandi

One of my favourite last photos of my dear mother Melita, taken one year before she passed away. It was Mother's Day, 1998 that we had our last visit together, shared lunch with a few other family members and cherished the cosy moments around mom's bedside. Our goodbyes were choked with tears that day, with lingering hugs and kisses blown, to our long drive home -  three weeks later she made a peaceful journey to her eternal home.


"Like an ocean wave, Forget-me-nots roll
 down the garden bed
washing over rocks and seashells
 transplanted from distant shores,
nestling within a rusty wheel
 that once too rolled over smooth and rocky paths,
unwinding  memories as drawing near the garden gate
 to pause, and to remember;
my mother's touch, her posies gathered,
traditions savored and fondly scattered -
Trudy -  2009

 My sister and I posing for our mother a long time ago!

Today I not only remember my mother but also celebrate the joy and blessings I have experienced as a mother over the past 35 years as I have seen our four children grow up to become wonderful parents. I am proud of each of them and their spouses. They are all at the age where we can reminisce, and they fill in the stories I never heard at the time, which would have turned my hair white prematurely! Once a mother, always a mother - what a privilege to share their joys and concerns and to daily lift them up to our Heavenly Father.

What a special privilege to share this moment with my daughter on her first Mother's Day. Three generations pictured here and sweet memories of our godly mother, grandmother, and great grandmother Melita who came before us. My darling granddaughter and I share her name.

My mother loved flowers and I treasure the memory of her lush gardens and beautiful bouquets of sweet peas, lilacs, roses, asters, zinnias, and dahlias that graced our family home. Today I was gifted with posies and it made my heart glad.

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