Friday, May 29, 2009


The early evening news reported it as a "Late May Scorcher," and this was the temperature in the shade on our sun deck as I was starting supper preparations.

Summer time is here and so is BBQ time so I turned up the heat outside for 2 hours to roast this chubby little bird. 

Now doesn't she just look so relaxed with her butt on a pop can filled with apple juice, garlic. rosemary and thyme. A good rub with some olive oil and herbs and she settled into her own tanning booth with a side of potatoes in foil to keep her company.
Now if  that wasn't warm enough, I turned up the heat inside to bake a fresh rhubarb crisp. YUM!

A scrumptious meal enjoyed on the deck with a little breeze cooling down the day and an overhead fan for auxiliary air - ahhh!  This will be our best dining space for the hot summer months ahead.

It's been a toasty warm day and we're not complaining. Even the evening sky is streaked with a palette of warm hues.
The crickets are chirping as the day closes and the warmth is hidden within the safety of my home.
 Goodnight Moon!

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