Monday, June 22, 2009


The clematis on the welcome arbor has finished blooming so let's wander down the meandering stairway. If you've ever planted Lamium you won't ever have to again because it will come up in all the crevices of rock walls and sidewalks. I'm afraid that I have let them feel too at home in this part of my garden and they are multiplying out of control. I think I bought one plant years ago as a basket filler!

Lamium Pink Pewter

In a perennial garden the blooming season for each plant is usually quite short and so the colour scheme is changing every few weeks. Where pink and white Bleeding Heart hung in profusion earlier in spring, there now are blooms in shades of pink, lavender, butter yellow, and creamy whites, all nestled in their varigated green foliage. Any day now the orange lilies will take center stage!

The Peonies are so showy until a blast of wind or a rain shower make their heads heavy and so they can be here today and gone tomorrow.

Picot edged Dianthus are framed by velvety Lamb's Ears and pungent spires of lavender Salvia.

Can't quite imagine how the Goatsbeard got it's name, but they do make a dramatic statement.

One of my favourite perennial over the years has been Jupiter's Beard, also known as Centranthus Rubra or Red Valerian which attracts the monarch butterflys and hummingbirds.

Red Valerian

Stella de Ora daylily

I love how the Ladies Mantle leaves hold water droplets that sparkle like gems in the sunlight.

A birds eye view of this little corner of my garden.
Daily I marvel at the changing picture as blooms fade and fall, while others make a surprise arrival. I'm reminded of the words in Isaiah 40:8 "The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God stands forever." It makes my heart so glad to have this absolute to trust in.

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