Monday, June 8, 2009


Come on over and step through the white latticed arbor and meander down a series of steps that twist and turn past clay pots brimming with brightly coloured annuals, then to the left a perennial bed filled with daylilies, Oriental lilies, bleeding heart, columbine, hostas, Astilbe, peonies, dianthus, goatsbeard, Autumn Joy sedum, Jupiter's Beard and oh, there must be more I can't remember. Watch your step as the walkway slopes under the most beautiful, huge Maple tree that shades pots of Begonias and Impatiens and a Little Tikes bucket swing that's always waiting for the grandkids. Look way up high at the incredibly long limbs swaying in the breeze. Stay on the walkway and you will continue under two enormous Ponderosa Pine trees that house a rustic tree fort and a big kids swing. We now get into the vegetable garden and the work area with tools and compost box, all necessary in the maintainance of this 1/2 acre, but let's turn back and step onto the lawn to wander along a 50 foot curved perennial bed with a whole new plethora of botanicals just waiting for, or finished their blooming season. Stepping stones lead across a short path to the antique ornamental garden gate where we must just stop and breathe in deeply the sweet scent of the wild roses bordering the garden, and take a lingering gaze at the peaceful, pastoral view before us. Getting tired of the tour? Let's take a rest and settle comfortably into a brick red Adirondack chair under the rose arbor and we'll have a cup of tea. How's your imagination doing? Over the next weeks I will share snapshots of some of my favourite blooms to help bring this walk alive in colourful definition so you can assess how vivid your imagination has been.
For today let's just stop at the welcome arbor and focus on these dramatic 7 inch clematis blooms named, 'The President.'

Please come back another day and I'll introduce you to some of the other posies that make my heart glad.

" A thing of beauty is a joy forever."
John Keats 

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missy said...

What a beautiful tour! I can picture it all in my mind - like a secret garden! I'm working on a little 'Adirondack chair' section of my yard but it's nowhere near as peaceful as yours is!!