Monday, July 6, 2009


"I'll send down plenty of rain in season -
showers of blessing!"
Ezekiel 34:26

The garden was refreshed today with rain showers, so needed after several days of scorching heat. Aah - what relief !

I love to wander along this perennial garden bed in the quietness of a new day, coffee in one hand and the other hand free to examine a blossom or to pinch off a spent bloom. It was seven years ago that I designed this long, curved bed, planted in shades of pink and blue with lots of white scattered here and there. It's been fun experimenting with different plants, some replaced with a more exciting finds after pouring through gardening books during the winter months. I feared for the roses this year as the winter frost appeared to have taken it's toll, but after a severe pruning they surprised me with prolific blooms. Here are a few of my favourite pics for this week, and in time I will share some more.

Peeking through the garden gate.

Shasta Daisies nod their heads southward,
towards the pathway of the sun.

Sexy Rexy Roses making a showy statement.

Tiny Margarite Daisies nestled in a pot
to provide continuous colour all summer.

Delicate Poppies are always a nice surprise as to where they might pop up.

Feverfew adds a splash of sunshine!

Cornflowers shyly make their appearance for a very brief stay.

Monarda Bee Balm reaches out to attract a bee or butterfly.

Annual Cosmos fill in the gaps.

Today's rain showers were a blessing to the garden, and I am blessed day after day as I putter amongst my flowers, uniquely designed by an awesome Creator.

" Keep your face upturned to HIM,
as the flowers do to the sun
Look, and your soul shall love and grow."
Hannah Whitall Smith

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missy said...

I loved the rain too! My Annabelle hydrangeas seem to have been crushed though - I can't figure out why they have such weak stems for such a big bloom? Maybe time will fix the problem. I loooove your roses! I think I can smell them from here!