Monday, July 20, 2009


"A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in "
Robert Orben

BC Provincial campgrounds are our favourite summer vacation spots. We like the privacy, but only with family or good friends will we share a site and the table especially when we take turns making dinner. Out of six nights I dined out four times at a bountiful, gourmet picnic table. What a delicious treat that was!

Quaking Aspen trees are sparsely dominant at Green Lake where the Pine Beetle has destroyed approximately 1800 Pine trees which have been cut and removed, leaving a very open and sunny campsite. The Quaking Aspens have distinct round leaves on flattened stems, that cause the leaves to twist and flutter in the slightest breeze, creating a soothing whisper.

Indian Paintbrush with Green Lake in the background.

Green Lake is exactly that - GREEN!

Definition of a camper:
"Nature's way of feeding mosquitoes."

Voracious readers engrossed in their books, or are they "grumpy old men"?
I'm not sure why they were packed in like sardines on an expansive length of beach.

Sometimes the wind adds a little challenge to kayaking.

Sheridan Lake Resort

When at a fishing lake one must try to be a fisherman. Everyone was talking about the BIG one caught last week. It's a good thing we weren't counting on Rainbow Trout for dinner!

A little side trip to a Buffalo Ranch, where these Swiss bells caught my attention.

Well, it was not a touring day and most of the buffalo were hiding except for this lonely, grim looking bull. We left the ranch happy with packages of spicy buffalo pepperoni to nibble on and stimulate our taste buds.

The eerie yodel of the Loon is such a haunting sound at a wilderness lake.

Mother duck on duty.

Just chilling out on a hot summer day.

How fitting to be camped near this quaint, red barn in Chilcotin/Cariboo country where we were bombarded with country music from the trailer of a neighbouring camper.

Wildflowers in abundance.

"Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability"
Sam Keen

Sunset View Campground at Green Lake Provincial Park


edie said...

Looks like you had a great sunny vacation at all the lakes.
That picture of the grumpy old men on the beach could be a great greeting card. Safer in numbers especially out "in the wild". I am still chuckling.

Heidi said...

hi Trudy,

glad you had a great time, i love your 'posies' and your pictures bring back wonderful memories of the time spent in 100 Mile and all the times the girls and i worked hard in the morning so we could spend a lazy afternoon at Green Lake, swimming, making sand castles and just enjoying the wonderful weather.