Wednesday, September 9, 2009


A good night's rest, a new bright day, and many more miles to navigate to reach our destination for the next five days. There were so many unexpected, majestic vistas around each corner of the drive through the mountains on day one, and now the tableaux unfolded into wide open spaces with the spacious canopy of sky leading the way with unbounded grandeur.


Our vast country held together with...

... ribbons of roadways

... energy passed along electrical lines draped between

... wooden crosses diminishing into the horizon.

... endless iron rails and wooden ties
connecting hamlet to hamlet dotted on the flat landscape

... converging on prairie towns marked with grain elevators

... and water towers

... golden grain fields held together like a patchwork quilt

... binding the friendship of neighbours miles apart
but united with purpose and dreams

... our country tied together, and yet ...
God keep our land glorious and free
Under a continuous canopy
Declaring His dominion, His sovereignty.
Trudy - 2009


... one little, adorable character house

... three special people to lavish with our love and
some help from Dad to get at the "to do" list

... A darling little princess to celebrate with

... gifts from far away

... strawberry shortcake for the birthday girl

... learning new driving skills

... lots of hugs and kisses

... sad to say goodbye

... a walk to the edge of town

.... time to travel west again

... goodnight sun

We love you dear family of 3 ...
Bye Bye till Christmas

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