Monday, September 14, 2009


It felt like the first day of school. Childhood memories of the school supply list clutched in a sweaty hand as with my mother we went to the department store and I would stare in awe at all the BIG boxes of crayons and paints, but sadly the list specified only a package of 8 basic colours, one eraser, 2 pencils, and so on. How jealous I was of some classmates who placed in their desks a set of Giant crayon boxes, with special lids that flipped up and inside was a spectrum of 48 shades for every basic colour. And often they would have the latest and most fashionable pencil cases as well which out shone my little wooden box with the sliding cover.
And here I was again clutching my supply list as I entered the world of an OPUS art shop. Yes, I am starting a drawing class tomorrow! Oh, the array of paper, paints, and pencils of all hardness and colour that lined the shelves. My list again was very basic - 2 pencils, a white eraser, one black pen and a coil bound sketch book. OOOH - all those blank pages. I am so glad I have an eraser!
The art supplies are packed and ready - am I? Yes, because I have met my lovely instructor and her course is called 'Drawing For Fun,' and I am no longer that shy little girl, but rather a grandmother who loves to doodle on any scrap of paper and not afraid of making mistakes. ( I will always have that eraser!)

"All art requires courage"
Anne Tucker

I think my courage waned a little as on the weekend I attended ART WALK 2009, an amazing show featuring about 300 artists who displayed their water colour and acrylic paintings, photography, sculptures, fiber art, stone carvings, and jewelry. It was almost overload for the visual senses, but oh, so inspiring. I remind myself that each artist started somewhere with their little bag of supplies as well.
I have no grandiose plans but simply to enter in to this new adventure with my basic drawing tools, and to have fun!

" Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.
Art is knowing which ones to keep."
Scott Adams

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We are Levi and Shelley said...

Oh how fun!! I am so excited for you and proud (can a daughter be proud of her mother?). You've always left a trail of doodles ... one only had to look at the phone table to see creativity blooming. I would so love to take a drawing class!