Monday, September 21, 2009


Although it is hard to believe, because the days are so warm and the flower beds are blooming profusely, yet the calendar is clearly marked that autumn officially begins tomorrow.

We spent a few days last week camping in the Nicola Valley where the rolling ranch lands create a soft palette of golden browns and the sky is often a cerulean blue. Alone with my thoughts on a beach marked with peacefulness I could hear flies buzzing, crows cawing, and a fisherman's line 'zinging.' I could imagine the happy sounds and busy activities of summer campers, but in this moment I lavished in the serenity of summer's end.

Remembering all the yummy picnics.

Only footprints left on the sand.

The shoreline undisturbed and uncluttered
by plastic shovels and sand buckets.

No splashing, no diving. The beach to himself.

A tired old tree with memories of imaginative youngsters
clambering over its trunk.

Pine trees sighing with relief as they have escaped
another season of the pine beetle attacks.

Evening shadows steal across the golden hills.

Summer's serenity fades into a new season.

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